How Divorcees Split Their Life Together

Divorce is a legal process that aims to separate the life that two people have spent a long time cultivating and planning together. It’s no surprise, then, that it can be a very difficult and contentious process, especially since it’s common for couples who are separating to no longer be on the best of terms […]

Why Public Insurance Adjusters Make Sense for Homeowners

Homeowners buy insurance to cover repairs and replacements after storms or other destructive events. But sometimes insurance companies find arguments against paying claims for damage. That is where a public insurance adjuster can help homeowners. For a fee, these adjusters can evaluate the damage to the property caused by storms, floods, earthquakes, fires and other […]

What It Takes to Be a Financial Expert Witness

In both criminal and civil court cases, expert witnesses are often called by both the prosecution and the defense. These witnesses provide testimony on any number of things that are outside the knowledge of the average person. By using their knowledge and experience in analyzing some aspect of the case, they can help convince a […]

What Is Equally Shared Parenting And What Are The Benefits?

The significant consequences of separation or divorce involve the growing insecurities of the children regarding their relationship with their parents. Therefore, shared parenting is applied in such cases when the parents do not live together but contribute to the upbringing of the child. Sometimes, the term ‘equal shared parenting’ is also referred to as joint […]

3 Ways a Divorce Lawyer Can Help You After Your Divorce

After a contract dispute or an injury settlement, you never have to deal with the other party again. But after a divorce, you will have ongoing contact with your ex-spouse over child custody, child support, and spousal support issues. Even if everyone abides by the terms of the divorce decree, changed circumstances can force you […]

The following are your legal protections: Tobacco Use in the Workplace

Smoking at work and individual “rights” can be viewed from two opposite perspectives, respectively. Those who do not smoke may believe that they are entitled to a smoke-free environment under federal law, but this is not the case. Smokers, on the other hand, may consider that they have a constitutionally protected right to smoke. Which […]

Things Everyone Should Know About Truck Accident Injury Claims

Truck accident injury claims can easily become a problem. You are injured and you need to take care of you. Then, you absolutely have to go through a complex legal procedure that can easily turn out to be very difficult to deal with. It is really important that you get help since several things might […]

Don’t Settle On a Law Firm Until You Answer These Important Questions

Are you looking for the right legal team to handle a sensitive and important matter in your life? This can be an intimidating concept, particularly if you have never gone through these steps before. For that reason, it pays to be as prepared as possible from the start. Answering the questions outlined below might help […]

Find the Right Lawyer For Any Situation By Following These Simple Steps

People find themselves in need of expert legal representation for a variety of reasons. If you or someone you know is currently looking for the right attorney, it can be an overwhelming experience. Nevertheless, this is an important process and it deserves the utmost attention to detail. Keep reading for a few basic tips that […]

Things To Discuss With Injury Law Firms Before Hiring

Hiring a good injury law firm in Mississippi should always be a priority for you when injured because of the actions of someone else. If you hire one without good experience and a bad track record, you hurt your chances of getting the financial compensation you actually deserve. As a result, whenever you arrange a […]