The Rules of Bail

If you are facing criminal charges and you get arrested, then you want to get out of jail as quickly as possible. One of the top ways to get released from jail quickly as to work with professional bail bonds West Chester PA. At the same time, once you are released on bail, you need to know the rules of your release. There are a few conditions that you are going to have to follow or you could find yourself back in jail once again. What are some of the common conditions that you must follow?

Do Not Leave the State

Often, there’s going to be a condition attached to your release that you are not allowed to leave the state pending trial. For example, if you are arrested in Pennsylvania, then you have to stay in Pennsylvania until your trial is done. Now, this condition is not completely absolute. For example, if you have to leave the state for a medical reason, you should be allowed to do so. You simply need to let the district attorney know that you have to leave the state for this purpose. If you have an attorney, then he or she will probably take care of this for you.

Do Not Contact the Victim

If you are involved in a case where there is a victim, then you are not supposed to have any contact with his alleged victim. This rule is put into place to protect the defendant, the victim, and the integrity of the trial. If you happen to know the victim in the case, do not reach out to him or her. This violation is very serious and you could end up back in jail as a result.

Show Up for the Trial

Of course, the most important rule of being released on bail is that you have to show up for your trial. The entire purpose of paying bail is to give you a reason to show up. If you are arrested, you only have to pay 10 percent of the bond amount to get released. If you go through a bail bondsman, you will probably have to pay less. On the other hand, if you do not show up for a trial, then you could end up owing the entire amount of the bond.

To get released from jail quickly, use a professional bail bondsman. You should not sit in jail longer than you must.

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