Guidelines For Keeping Custody Of Your Children

Losing custody of your children is heartbroken news for a parent. The cause of custody is mostly parental alienation in which the child itself didn’t want to live with a parent that is being alienated.

Factors To Consider When Deciding Children Custody

  • Age of the children.
  • Parent’s living conditions.
  • Parent’s willingness to live with their children.
  • Children prefer to live with.
  • Parent’s relationship with their children.
  • Parent’s financial condition.
  • The attitude of parents towards children.
  • Parent’s abuse or neglect.

Ways To Win Child Custody Back

There are certain ways in which you can win your child custody back.

  • Evaluate What Went Wrong

When do judges decide to award custody to someone, try to evaluate what went wrong? Why did the judge make this decision? Am I abusing or neglecting my child? Or am I financially unstable? It is important to list the problems you are facing in not getting your child custody. By assessing the factors, you can bring change and modification in your lifestyle and behavior. Discussing with your lawyer or support from parenting classes and programs helps you to take steps that rectify your situation and help you to win custody.

  • Seek Legal Counsel

To get your children’s custody back, you will need to deal with an attorney who has experience in dealing with family law. An experienced lawyer may tell you what to document during interaction with your children.

  • Request An Evaluation

When you start working with a lawyer and complete the court steps, ask the judge for evaluation of child custody in your home. An evaluation will be conducted by a psychologist and they will interview parents and children. A Psychologist will observe the complete assessment of your home, and your lawyer can help you regarding inspection and home evaluation. This will help you to win custody back.

  • Follow Orders Of Court

Strictly follow the rules of court, be present in time, and stick to court orders. If an appointment is conducted with supervision make sure to present before time. Keep in mind that the court decides what is best for your child so your cooperation might demonstrate that you are a good fit for your child custody

  • Consider Alternative Arrangements

Finally, if you think that nothing right can be done, make alternative arrangements for that, if full custody is not in your hand then equal shared parenting is the best option, if you wish to share custody, in that situation discuss with your ex-partner and make possible arrangements for that.

What Not To Do To Win Custody

  • Don’t talk negatively about your ex-partner.
  • Don’t arrive late for pickups or any scheduled appointment.
  • Don’t reschedule your time with your children.
  • Avoid alcohol or drugs.
  • Follow all orders of the court.
  • Share case details with your children.
  • Change your behavior (if abusing).
  • Be financially stable.


Child custody requires experienced judges, to consider winning custody of your children, make all relevant information and documentation that needs to be present in the court, but before winning custody think about your children if they are happy to live with you. Neglecting children’s choice among your choices will affect them. Ask your children’s opinion about whom they are happy to live with or they are happy to live with both parents (equal shared parenting). The judge will always do what’s best for the child.