How Divorcees Split Their Life Together

Divorce is a legal process that aims to separate the life that two people have spent a long time cultivating and planning together. It’s no surprise, then, that it can be a very difficult and contentious process, especially since it’s common for couples who are separating to no longer be on the best of terms with one another. Here are some of the things that divorcees will need to reach an agreement about, one way or another.

Children Born During the Partnership

Understandably, one of the most important things to all those planning a divorce is any child or children that were born as a result of the relationship. Would-be divorcees will have to come to an agreement on several things related to their children, including custody arrangements and child support Anthem AZ. This is the most common reason for contentious legal battles between ex-partners.

Property Owned by One or Both Partners

Another frequent source of disagreement between couples who are separating is any property that one or both partners might own. What makes the distribution of this property fairly such a complex issue, is that different states have different laws regarding how they should be distributed. For example, there may be different laws in the same state concerning how things that were obtained during the marriage and things that were obtained before the marriage should be handled. Big-ticket items that were shared during the marriage; such as cars, houses and bank accounts; can inspire an acrimonious separation that requires both parties to hire lawyers.

Getting a divorce will lead to many major changes in your life and that of your ex-partner. Likely with the help of your attorneys, you’ll both have to reach a custody agreement if there are children involved and a distribution of property agreement for any property you once shared.