Three ways to avoid moving day delays

You want everything to go smoothly when moving to a new house, but that does not always happen. With many avoidable delays taking place, it’s important to plan your move in advance to make sure everything goes according to plan. Here’s what you should consider if you want to avoid moving day delays.

Don’t delay on packing

Your mortgage is in place, conveyancing fees have been paid, and a date has been set to move. Now comes the tedious task of packing. Sellers will often leave limited time to ensure all their belongings are packed away safely. Rather than rushing all of your packing in the final week before you move, you should begin early and make a plan well in advance.

Take the opportunity to declutter so there will be less for you to unpack when you arrive. You should also invest in good, sturdy boxes that can be easily labelled to eliminate the possibility of your belongings getting lost along the way. Think carefully about what you will need as soon as you move in, such as all of the ingredients for a good cup of tea, and pack them together in a box that stays with you during the move. Above all, hire a reliable removal company well in advance to keep the moving day stress to a minimum.

Avoid weekends

Weekends in general are a much busier time to move, but there can be even more delays if you don’t plan in advance. Many companies, including some solicitors’ firms, only work Monday to Friday. If something were to go wrong, you may struggle getting in touch with them. Arranging a mid-week move may also mean that you save money, with removal fees often increasing at the weekend.

Plan your mortgage transfer well

If your move-in date is on a Friday, ensure that your mortgage transfer is completed before 3pm. Otherwise, you may be left with no house until after the weekend has passed. As long as your conveyancing fees are all up-to-date, you can request that your mortgage transfer is pushed through a day early to avoid any delays in the completion.

Moving home can be hard work, but with some careful planning and preparation, you can make the big day run as smoothly as possible.

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