Additional Benefits For DUI Victims

If you’ve ever been directly involved in a motor crash that was caused by a drunk driver, you could be considered the victim of a criminal act that could entitle you compensation through the crimes compensation act. There are Florida statutes for victims in DUI cases as well as allowances for frequently ignored levels of coverage in insurance cases. Understanding how the victim can benefit will come down to if you qualify for additional benefits as a DUI victim.

Qualification Requirements

The crime of a DUI will need to be reported to law enforcement within 72 hours

You must’ve suffered some form of physical injury or death but there are some limited funds available for those that have suffered psychological or psychiatric injury.

The application for special considerations needs to be filed within one year of the date of the crime.

You must fully cooperate with law enforcement and the state attorney’s office.

You must not engage in any unlawful activity at the time of the crime

You must not have in any way contributed to the crime.

You must not have any record of a felony conviction.

If you qualify:

If you meet the above criteria you’ll be able to receive extra benefits if you are hit by a drunk driver. In meeting these qualifications you could qualify for extra wage loss compensation, composition for loss of support if a victim is diseased, disability benefits, funeral or burial expenses, treatment expenses, mental health counseling, and property loss reimbursement.

Getting this extra help can ensure you be able to receive affirmative steps towards protecting your loved ones and others involved in the accident by lessening the amount of compensation that will have to go through underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage in the liability suit.

Without proper legal assistance in some of these cases, it’s easy to forget these special considerations or to actively pursue some of the extra-statutory compensation that you could be afforded in this difficult time. If you have been involved in a DUI accident contact our staff today and we can help you move forwards with the best compensation for your case. Our team has helped many people throughout this difficult time and we can ensure that you are able to enjoy a faster road to compensation and improvements to your ongoing benefits in the event of a DUI accident.

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