An Overview of the Advantages of a Holding Company in the EU Country 

You want to do everything possible to take your business to the next level. Malta offers you an opportunity to form and register a company on the island so that you not only can expand your business but can also enjoy lots of benefits that come along with the process.

Being one of the EU nations, Malta happens to be an attractive destination for investors and entrepreneurs. While the island does not have dedicated legislation as to the incorporation of holding a company, individuals can benefit from a unique taxation system it has. That’s why Malta becomes the right place to go for a holding company and make a bright future there with your family members.

One of the top advantages of a holding company in Malta is the flexibility of business that you can enjoy in an EU country. With a Maltese company, you can hold real estate assets, securities, and shares or even have intellectual property rights. Apart from this, you can register a holding company in Malta as a public or private limited liability company. You would need to have at least Euro 1,165 to open a private company and Euro 46,000 for opening a public company.

The Maltese taxation system allows you to benefit from tax exemptions on the income on capital gains when you qualify participation holdings. Moreover, you need to fulfill one of these following conditions. Your holding company in Malta should own at least 10% of the capital shares in a subsidiary company. The shares should have a minimum acquisition value of €1,164,000, for at least six months.

With a Maltese company, you also get the right to acquire the share balance in a subsidiary company as well as the right to first refusal if your shares get cancellation or redemption. You will be needed to use your holding company’s shares for business purposes only.

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