How To Help a Loved One Who’s Been Arrested

While receiving a collect call from your loved one from the county jail is never easy, it can be incredibly challenging if this is their first-ever offense. While you may want to ask about the arrest details, limiting your discussion to the bare facts is crucial since all jail conversations are routinely recorded and can be used against them in court. Read on to learn more essential tips on how to help a loved one who’s been arrested.

Stay Calm and Contact a Reputable Bail Bond Agent 

Remaining calm is vital for your mental health and effectively helping your loved one. Now is not the time to push the panic button but to contact a professional who can assist you with getting your friend or family member released from jail as quickly as possible. Whether you need help with misdemeanor or felony bail bonds Surry County NC be sure to ask if they’re available 24/7 along with their fees and experience.

Call an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

You will undoubtedly want to hire a seasoned professional criminal defense attorney when dealing with the complicated criminal justice system. You will be well-served to hire a reputable lawyer who has dealt with many similar cases. Be sure to inquire about their experience level and ask for references.

Tell the Whole Truth About the Arrest With Your Trusted Attorney  

It’s vital to share all the details leading up to and including the arrest with your criminal defense attorney. Your lawyer is on your side, has heard it all, and can’t help you if you don’t tell them everything.

As you can see, there are various ways to help a friend or family member who has been arrested. Staying calm and focused and contacting the professionals who are used to dealing with the criminal justice system are just a few ways.