How to Use the Right Supporting Documentation in an Asylum Claim

As is the case with any claim with the United States government, documentation is critical for an asylum claim. An asylum attorney can help you with this. If you don’t have one yet, look at the I-589 Application for Asylum and Withholding of Removal form. This is the most important document you need.

You’ll also need strong supporting evidence to support your claim. This will include a personal statement, human rights evidence such as news reports or your own photographs from your country, and anything else that you can use to support your application. Here are some things to keep in mind when filling out your form.

Do You Qualify for Asylum Status?

This question forms the basis of every decision made in your case. If you can indicate that you qualify, your application will be approved. Asylum status is a protection granted to individuals who qualify as a refugee, are in the United States, or are seeking admission.

Asylum does not refer to someone leaving their country because they think the United States is wonderful, and they just want to live there. The United States Citizen and Immigration Services is looking for you to show that you are a persecuted individual if you want to obtain asylum in the United States.

If you can show that, your application will be approved. Here’s a look at the things you will need.

Quality Documentation

It won’t matter if you have boxes or personal opinions in your claim if they aren’t quality. Everything that you submit must be consistent with the story of your asylum. Here are the most quality documents you can offer:

  • Statements from official sources, government reports, or expert affidavits
  • A strong statement from yourself that can be corroborated. The tragedy of your story on its own might be enough, but if you can verify it independently, even better. Why did you leave? Why are you afraid? Definitely include racial, ethnic, religious, and tribal commentary here. How and why you were persecuted is the story here.
  • Identity documents
  • Professional documents that may verify if you are leaving a wonderful job. Doctors and engineers and lawyers seek asylum in different countries every day. Job loss due to trauma is persecution.
  • Membership to religious or ethnic parties or organizations. This could be an important reason you are fleeing. Include proof of your membership and any documents of persecution.
  • Photographs and news reports of events that actually happened to you. Were you hurt? Were the police involved? Do you have medical documentation of injury or trauma? Nothing is important here. Be sure to submit copies, as you may never get your originals returned.

This is a good start to your I-589 application. There’s no limit to what you can send, so continue seeking expert evidence to support your claim.

Human Rights Evidence

If you are lacking evidence of human rights violations, there are other methods to gather it.

  • Amnesty International and State Department report: Look for advisories or pressers from these agencies that detail their knowledge of the trauma and terror in your country, use them in your application.
  • Country-specific experts: You may be able to get evidence from experts familiar with your country. Your asylum attorney can help you with this.

Find Relief Today

When you are seeking asylum, you are undergoing what many consider to be the greatest persecution on Earth. Help is available. Work with an asylum attorney that can help you navigate this complex world.


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