How Vocational Rehabilitation Can Help You Return to Work

Vocational rehabilitation is a return-to-work tool many people use when they are or have become either physically or mentally disabled. Not only does vocational rehabilitation help people return to work after an injury, but it also helps those who struggle to get work find new employment.

There are many ways in which vocational rehabilitation Oregon can help you return to work. Three of these ways or job training, job placement, and assistance with job retention.

Job Training

One of the many reasons individuals may struggle to find or return to work is a lack of job training. If a person is injured on the job and can no longer work in the same field, job training in a new area can help secure new employment. In addition, entering a new field can be daunting, so proper training can help give people the tools they need to enter that field confidently.

Job Placement

Individuals just entering the workforce may have little to no knowledge of how to find a job. Vocational rehabilitation can help guide applicants toward the right job for them. Proper job placement will involve assessing indiviuals’ mental and physical abilities to ensure they are applying for jobs that align with their skill and qualifications.

Job Retention

Job retention is essential in order to continue building new skills. However, in many cases, retaining a job can be difficult for someone who is new to the workforce if they are uncomfortable working in an unfamiliar environment. In addition, entering a new field can be difficult because learning new skills while navigating a new environment can often be overwhelming. Vocational rehabilitation services provide counseling and other services that help workers retain their jobs longer.

Vocational rehabilitation offers many more supportive services than just those listed here. When combined, these services and others help job seekers acquire the skills they need to succeed in their careers and other areas of their lives.