The Naked Truth About Bail

It was late when you got home, so you tried to be quiet, knowing your spouse would be sleeping. After locking the front door and grabbing a drink from the fridge, you kicked off your shoes, stowed your coat, and settled onto the sofa for a few moments of relaxation before heading to bed. That was when someone you didn’t know walked out of your bedroom while wearing absolutely nothing. You admit you lost your cool, but you don’t remember becoming unruly, throwing anything, or screaming obscenities. You do remember your naked spouse appearing, and the police showing up soon after. Now that you have been arrested, what can you expect?

  1. Jail

You will be transported to jail by the officers. Your fingerprints and photograph will be taken and your personal identifying information requested. Some of the items you are wearing may be removed for your safety, but they will be logged to make sure the items are returned upon your release. You will then be put into a holding cage with others or alone, you may be interrogated about the incident, and then you will be asked to wait for a meeting with the judge.

  1. Judge

When you meet with the judge, it is called an arraignment. Your charges will be read, you will be asked how you plead, and the judge will inquire whether you are going to hire an attorney. The judge may question you about your family and work situation, and then he or she will define the conditions regarding your possible release on bail.

  1. Bail

Bail is the amount you can pay to the court or a bond-person to get out of jail. You or your family can pay the 10% of the amount with cash, property, or a check to a bail bonds West Chester PA company, or you can pay the total amount in cash to the court. Once the amount is paid, you will be released upon the condition you attend all future court dates.

Being arrested is not the end of the world, but it can seem like it when you are in the midst of the situation. Remember to keep a cool head and don’t say anything that will make you sound crazy. You can soon be out of jail and on your way to figuring out how you are going to handle a future without a cheating spouse.

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