Vibration White Finger Compensation – Can I Claim It?

With Britain continuing to expand upwards and outwards in major cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham, the use of vibrating power tools is continually causing problems for individuals carrying out the work. Hand arm vibration syndrome and vibration white finger is causing a rise in industrial disease claims.

What is vibration white finger?

Vibration white finger is a secondary form of Raynaud’s syndrome. It is an industrial injury that is triggered by the continuous use of vibrating hand-held machinery, and it is also known as hand-arm vibration syndrome.

The condition impacts blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and the joints of the hands, wrists, and arms. Once the syndrome has developed, it is unfortunately irreversible.

What are the symptoms of vibration white finger?

Some of the symptoms of vibration white finger are:

  • The fingers changing colour

This symptom means that the blood vessels are affected. Feeling in the fingers will eventually be lost, after they first go very pale. When the blood circulation returns to the fingers, they will flush an intense red. This is often uncomfortable and is accompanied by intense throbbing.

  • Loss of manual dexterity

In some of the most severe cases, attacks can occur frequently and can last up to an hour. In these cases, this generally signals that the nerves and the muscles are both affected. You can lose manual dexterity and suffer from reduced grip strength.

  • Tingling ‘whiteness’ or numbness in the fingers

This symptom means that both the blood vessels and the nerves in the fingers are affected. It is likely to be the first sign of the syndrome and is likely to get worse if the use of vibratory tools is not stopped. Feeling in the fingers may eventually be lost.

In extremely rare cases, the condition can get so severe that sufferers can lose fingers if they do not address the initial symptoms. Symptoms can also sometimes disappear after they initially emerge, but they will then start again if the arms, wrists and hands are subject to further vibration exposure.

It is vital to address vibration white finger symptoms as soon as you notice them, because there is a three-year limit on the time in which you can make a claim from when you are first aware of your symptoms. If you feel that your employer has neglected safety standards and this has led to you developing vibration white finger, then you can likely make a claim against them.

How will a claim be calculated?

There are a number of different factors that are considered during the calculation of a potential claim for vibration white finger compensation. These are:

  • Any travel expenses that have had to be paid whilst you have been receiving medical treatment for your condition.
  • Any medical costs that you have had to pay, in addition to the cost of any further treatment that you will have to have.
  • Whether the physical impact of your Vibration White Finger has stopped you from being able to work, resulting in you suffering from a loss of earnings.

Whether it is Raynaud’s disease compensation or hand arm vibration compensation that you are seeking, the right legal support can help you to get the outcome that you deserve for your condition.

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