Three points to keep in mind in a divorce with children

Research shows that about 1 million American children are affected by their parents’ divorce. A trend that will keep on increasing for centuries to come.

Divorce lawyers always recommend negotiation, especially when there are legitimate children involved. However, people assume that divorce is only between two parties.

When there are children involved, marriage breakdown should be faced with greater responsibility. This is to protect those minors, ensure their interest, and ensure that the couple’s situation will not negatively affect their increase.

How do you do that?

The way of mutual agreement, the best option.

The parents should maintain a good relationship between them. Minors easily notice the absence of one of the parents, and how the environment becomes cloudy, thin, and twitchy.

All the solutions aimed at preventing the little ones from having that feeling should be well received. If a good relationship allows it, and although there is no coexistence between the parties, it is essential to maintain routines for the duration of the separation. .

For example, if the mother takes the child to school and the father picks him up, follow that routine despite the separation process or divorce proceedings at play. Embarking upon negotiations to reach an agreement will also mean avoiding starting a cumbersome judicial process  in which your children could be involved and risk emotional harm.

Adequate co-parenting measures between the parties, will also mean that the court does not have to step in to protect a minor that could be at risk of emotional harm as a result of a high conflict situation between his or her parents. .

What type of custody is best for the children?

Without a doubt, joint custody is the option recommended by family law lawyers, if that is possible and if adequate communication exists between parties to be able to make joint decisions for children of the relationship or marriage together as co-parents.

Joint physical custody implies that both parents maintain custody of their children and dedicate a equal time to them. Generally, custody, however relates to the parties ability to make decisions for the children together and with the consent of both parties. That means living close to each other and will allow children to maintain their routine upon the dissolution of the marriage.

In these cases, child support for the support of children is calculated based on parties’ incomes and the one with the higher income will pay some support to children that are in shared parenting arrangement.

If a compromise is not achieved and the contentious court process is engaged in by the parteis, some tips can be followed. The first is not to make the child a weapon against the ex-spouse, manipulating him or her in order to gain an advantage in the court proceeding.

Divorce lawyers advise that children should be left out of the contentious issues and should not be involved in the court proceedings. .

Are you looking for a divorce lawyer?

Given family law matters are very complicated, you will need to contact a family law lawyer to address a custody or parenting issue in a negotiation or a court process. Contact a trusted  separation and divorce law firm in Toronto who will be able to advise, guide, and protect you and  your children during and after the marriage breakdown.

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