If you or anyone you know has been in an accident, then yes, you should talk to a lawyer. The talk may only be to assess your legal options but, you should have it. After an accident, you may not feel the need to file claims immediately because you see no injuries. However, injuries can develop further down the line. Damages to the car can also begin to appear later. If you or anyone you know has been in an accident, you should contact Hensley Legal Group to talk.

What is a ‘minor’ car accident?

A minor auto accident is an accident where there is minimal damage to the vehicle and no serious/severe or lasting injury concerns. An example of a minor car accident is a bump from behind in traffic. It is a bump that leaves a dent in the car. There are no severe injuries, and there’s only the dent to pay for. There are other cases where a ‘minor’ accident involves a cracked or broken windshield. It could also involve a fender bender, a damaged headlight/taillight, or a busted tire.

What happens if there is an injury?

Even minor car accidents can lead to injuries. One of the most common car accident injuries you can sustain is called whiplash. It derives its name from the quick backward & forward jerk of the head and neck in a car accident. There are also other injuries like concussions, headaches/migraines, lacerations, broken ribs, broken bones, scratches, and bruises.

No matter how minor the injuries may seem, place a call to get emergency services. If possible, also try to contact the police and then a car accident lawyer.

Filing a personal injury claim after a minor car accident

All accidents have the potential to be severe days, weeks, or even months after they occur. When accidents happen, it is advisable to file a personal injury claim. The process can be difficult & time-consuming so, it is best to get an experienced car accident attorney involved.

When filing a personal injury claim, the most important thing you are filing is proof. Evidence that the other party was more at fault for your accident than you. Find evidence of the reason for the car accident and take a photo of it. It is also advisable to call the police as early as possible. The police gather evidence, collect reports, and file eyewitness testimonies. This information is important when filing a case, and you should ask the officer for a copy of the report.

You should get a lawyer involved as soon as you can

Automobile accidents can look minor at first but after a few days, weeks, and sometimes months of dragging on, they begin to look like major hurdles. Consider hiring the service of a professional to help you build a winning case for claims. When you hire a lawyer immediately after the accident, they will make sure they gather their evidence. An experienced lawyer will also make sure your case is filed appropriately.



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